What's NLQ?

NLQ (Natural Language Query) is a tool to query structured data in an easy way, and to quickly glean information out of it, using a familiar looking syntax.

Why NLQ?

To query structured data, one typically has to

NLQ lets you write natural looking queries with automatic suggestions as you type, and does the hard work of converting them to lower level queries. It is a very flexible and convenient interface, especially for non-technical users.

A familiar interface

Here are two queries in NLQ for a database consisting of companies and their payments:

total payments in november

companies in Bangalore which made payments last month

The same two queries when expressed in SQL would look like this:

SELECT SUM(amount)
         FROM payment
         WHERE (payment.date >= '2009-11-01' and payment.date <= '2009-11-30'))
AS sum5
SELECT `company`.`id`,`company`.`name`,`company`.`city`
FROM company
  ( (company.id IN
      (SELECT payment.company_id
          FROM payment
          (payment.date >= '2009-01-01' AND payment.date <= '2009-01-31'
    ) AND 
    ( UPPER(company.city) LIKE '%BANGALORE%')